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The company was founded by Ofer Elstein, a mechanical engineer by profession in the USA and provided services in the field of energy. Maintenance and repair of various local restaurants and the Dunkin Donuts chain in northern and central New Jersey.

In 2011, with the family moving to Israel, the company continued its occupation in the field of energy and focused on an exclusive niche in the field of energy saving with quality solutions in accordance with environmental requirements and guidelines.

The joining of Baruch Weiss to the company, a chemist by profession with specialization in the field of disinfection and water treatment and with rich experience in the field of treating scale and corrosion problems in water systems and specializing in the industrial kitchen as a consultant for the Brita Professional company, for several years, brought CLS Services to exclusive distribution in Israel of the 3M company and an Italian company In the field of osmosis with specialization in the field of dishwashers.
as well as for the distribution of the osmosis systems and the unique softeners of the Kintico company.

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Today, the CLS Services group consists of first-class professionals, experts with many years of experience in the field of chemical engineering, water engineering and water pollution treatment, an energy engineer and a chemist who specialized in the field of scale treatment, corrosion and water disinfection, who know how to respond to the following areas:
  • Restaurants, cafes, bakeries - Osmosis systems and filters with a flow rate of 100 liters/hour including a filter for sediment treatment and pre-treatment. M3 dedicated filters
  • Industrial kitchens, sheltered housing hotels - Softener for dishwashers and pre-treatment for osmosis systems
  • A high flow osmosis system for the food machines and/or a dedicated filter for each food machine according to the position plan and/or a physical inspection of the water needs in an existing kitchen
  • Showers and boilers - hot water treatment by Kinetico softening system
  • Cooling towers - treatment of scale, corrosion and deposits by chemicals
  • Heat exchanger systems by chemicals.
  • Treatment of special problems - improving the taste of water, ice cubes

      The process of making professional decisions:

  • The company works with plumbing engineers, kitchen designers and companies that import the equipment for the industrial kitchen.
  • Takes the position plan of the equipment and/or performs a registration of the equipment in the existing industrial kitchen in order to understand the requirements for treated water and obtain a situational picture of the required sufficiency that will lead to the type of system to be installed.
  • Performs chemical tests for network water to provide solutions for scale and corrosion in equipment installed in hotels, sheltered housing, restaurants, cafes and catering companies.
  • The process of the chemical tests of the mains water and the requirements of the industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers are designed to significantly reduce operating expenses and increase the life of the equipment.
  • The company with its extensive experience in energy systems and chemistry knows how to provide solutions for treating cold and hot water.
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