Water quality and its effect

company 3 mTM which also develops products for the biomedical field, has developed a series of High Flow products, which include membrane-integrated activated carbon block technology ("IMPACT") that provides excellent cartridge life and economy.
High Flow series filters include several key advantages:

  • Filtration level of 0.2-0.5 microns of particles and minerals.
  • Flow rate and capacity of one filter compared to 3-4 activated carbon filters. 
  • The life of the filters is up to 12 months, the capacity varies depending on the size of the filter, up to 203 cubic meters per filter.
  • Treatment of minerals in the mains water that cause scale and corrosion and removal of lead.
  • Certification to the NSF 53 standard for cyst reduction² (for selected products from the High Flow series).

* Reduction of 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria.       

At a filtration level of 0.2 microns to receive filtered water for an ice machine, coffee machine, cold water and soda. One filter from the High Flow series, a unique osmosis system without the use of chemicals, pre-filtering and removing aftertastes of the osmosis water series of filters, filtered water with the quality of river water.