Espresso and combi ovens

Ion Exchange – ScaleGard Blend
For professional coffee machines - espresso
Stone ovens and Combi Steamers and the swelling (retarder)

A dedicated filter for coffee machines and baking ovens that treats suspended solids, scale and minerals in the mains water, to provide the coffee machines and baking and rising ovens with water that is balanced in terms of the minerals in the water and to protect the equipment from sand, rust, scale and corrosion and to significantly reduce operating expenses.
Scalegard Blend is a dedicated filter to balance the minerals in the tap water to obtain the desired values for the development of the aroma (aromatic acids) and the gluten in the bread.

The composition of tap water and its effect on scale formation and corrosion:
Many malfunctions are caused to the coffee machines, retarders, proofing rooms and combi ovens from scale and corrosion and cause operating expenses which we will significantly reduce by understanding the composition of the tap water and its effect on the formation of scale and corrosion in the food machines.

And they contain minerals H20 and the water is not only
consisting of acids and bases and organic substances
dissolved in water.
Conductivity: an important parameter that gives us an indication when corrosion will and/or will not occur.

(EC µs/cm) and/or electrical conductivity TDS Total minerals (solid) cations and anions dissolved in water

The conductivity of the water gives us one measure of all the tests we perform in whether we must address the scale problem and/or whether we must address the scale and corrosion problem.

The structure of the filter

The desired values to reduce scale and corrosion failures and maintain quality in accordance with the requirements of the food machinery manufacturers and in accordance with international standards.

The desired values in the coffee machines:

Hot drinks contain 98% of water. There is no doubt that this ingredient is an important factor in the preparation of all kinds of drinks.
Water quality varies from region to region. For example, with the mineral composition in the water not balanced, the aroma will not reach the maximum extraction.

The quality of the water supplied to the coffee machines is of central importance.
The use of filters allows controlling the level of hardness of the water, preventing the accumulation of scale in the coffee machine,

The development of the aroma to the maximum level and 3-40EH in order to keep the water at the desired hardness level of:

Free chlorine < 0.2
TDS = 250 – 75 mg/l
Calcium hardness = 17 -8 mg/L Total Alkalinity = 40 mg/L
PH value = 6.5 – 7.5 Iron < 0.5 mg/l Sodium = 10 mg/L

The desired values for baking and cooking for proper operation of STERMERS COMBI and stone ovens:

Total hardness max 120 PPm Alkalinity max 80 ppm
EL Conductivity max 300 µS/cm
TDS max 225 mg/l
Chlorine < 0.2 mg/l
Particles: free of particles

We will get these results if we perform the chemical tests of the mains water

Particles coming from municipal pipes, especially sand and rust

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