Filters for espresso machines

the challenge

Excess chlorine can oxidize parts and accessories, and excessive hardness can scale your espresso equipment, reducing life and resulting in bitter-tasting drinks.

the solution

3M™ water filtration products containing ion exchange resin media can help reduce hardness and improve the quality of espresso drinks without the need for draining, electrical connection or salt regeneration.

Quality water helps deliver better tasting espresso, loyal customers and fewer service calls.
With a wide variety of filter types available, it can be daunting to decide which filter is the most suitable.

Consider the following to help you find the right espresso machine water filter:

  • Hardness level of incoming water
  • Desire to reduce the hardness but still leave a certain level in the product - the flavor water
  • Machine capacity (gallons or liters)
  • Estimated number of hours your machine runs per day or total water usage per day
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Filters that fit espresso machines