Chemicals and service for cooling towers, steam boilers, closed systems, osmosis systems

The CLS Services group will supply chemicals to any business, large or small, and will provide professional support by the chemical engineer
Gil Shalem is an expert with rich experience in the field both in standard formulas and in specific solutions.
Engineer Gil Shalem was part of the GES company team and currently works in collaboration with the company, which is one of the oldest companies in Israel in the field of treatment, water and wastewater treatment, and quality chemicals for industry.

The veterans in Israel in the field of desalination, water and wastewater treatment as well as quality chemicals for industry.

Cooling towers

During the working process of the cooling towers, water evaporates. The tower water contains a high concentration of salts and as a result of water evaporation, scale deposits and corrosion are formed in the heat exchangers and lower the energy efficiency. Also, the grower's water constitutes favorable conditions for the development of moldy algae and bacteria.

In order to prevent these phenomena, it is customary to use control systems and the dosing of dedicated chemicals for the grower's water.

The control system continuously controls the conductivity of the tower and the dosing system injects chemicals into the tower according to a precise dosage by a dosing pump.

We offer control and dosing systems for the cooling towers for a comprehensive solution to optimize the cooling tower work.

The chemicals used to treat cooling towers are:

  • inhibitors To prevent scale deposition and corrosion formation
  • biocides To prevent biological development in the tower water
  • Dedicated preparations For chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

Treatment in reverse osmosis systems

In order to maintain the membranes of the reverse osmosis systems, an antiscalant preparation must be added to the feed water to the membrane. The anti-calcant preparation prevents sedimentation of salts by the membrane and significantly extends the life of the membrane.

Steam boilers

Steam boilers contain water with a very high amount of salts, producing steam that causes corrosion in the steam condensate piping.
The treatment for the steam boilers is based on preliminary treatment and continuous chemical treatment.

Pretreatment: It is customary to feed the steam boiler with soft water without hardness salts by using a water softener or reverse osmosis water.

Chemical treatment: Inhibitors are continuously added to the boiler water to prevent scaling and corrosion, corrosion inhibitors according to the types of metals in the steam boiler and preparations for treating the condensation water.

closed systems

For closed cooling/heating systems, chemicals must be added to prevent scale deposition and corrosion in the piping. The inhibitors to be used in each system depends on the types of metals and the water temperature. The chemicals to the closed system are fed in an appropriate initial amount and later according to the water needs of the system.

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