Industrial osmosis systems

When a business needs mineral-free water, our commercial reverse osmosis systems combined with the professional manpower, the unique professional knowledge of the CLS Services group and the chemical testing laboratory available to customers are the wise choice for quality and reducing operating costs. We provide a wide variety of commercial RO systems from the best companies in the world in the field, without the use of chemicals for a variety of industries and applications:

  • Food and beverage production
  • Industrial kitchens - hotels, catering companies, restaurants, food chains, bakeries, bakeries
  • Water treatment centers - boilers, feed water for steam boilers
  • Companies for the production of energy, electricity and solar panels
  • Electronics companies
  • health facilities
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical factories

The RO systems marketed by us are the most advanced low energy consumption systems in the world, with a minimum of space and partly hanging on the wall like the 3M systems, advanced Kinetico systems and compact and sealed systems that go into unique kitchen cabinets and dishwashers, customized per customer, capable of producing pure water quickly , simply and efficiently. From small scale businesses to large scale businesses. The water treatment systems we have offer pure water including treatment of bacteria and cysts as needed and in any situation.

Our huge range of reverse osmosis solutions and membranes to purify the water can work for any size of organization with the professionalism and service unique to:

  • the systems of3M  that there are osmosis systems developed especially for restaurants, coffee shops with flows of 70-170 liters/hour, the ability to handle the equipment in the business - coffee machine, combi ovens with 10 compartments, retarder and ice machine.   
  • Kintico's systems that can handle from 100 liters/hour up to 5000 liters/hour and more, which save space and energy.
  • Compact osmosis systems that contain a pressure tank for storing water-protected osmosis water, in different capacities suitable for dishwashers, without the use of chemicals. Can also be installed in kitchen cabinets in kitchenettes.

osmosis systems &
Nano filtration

Our reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems reduce the amount of tannin, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides and artificial colors in the water. They produce water that meets the standard of food quality for use in restaurants.

Proprietary osmosis systems
low energy

Low energy reverse osmosis systems consume little energy and use low pressure to produce extremely pure water.

Combination of an osmosis system with a UV lamp

The combination of ultraviolet light and reverse osmosis (UV) leads to rapid disinfection and water purification.

Now let's check with the people. Does your business need a commercial reverse osmosis system?

So that we can understand the chemical composition of the network water in your business, we will perform a complete analysis (see water tests) of the network water including TDS, as well as the pH levels. After we get a complete picture of the minerals in the water that can cause scaling and corrosion, we will examine another component in the business of consumers who feed on treated water. We will ask the kitchen planner for the position plan for a new business, including the daily water needs of each consumer. In an existing business, we will map all the consumers, including the daily needs of each consumer, and according to the total daily consumption (daily flow), we will provide the appropriate system for each and every business, with the dishwashers fed by softeners and the other consumers by an osmosis system.

We will even test each consumer according to the water quality recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Business owner Contact us today so that our experts can offer the most suitable osmosis system for your business needs.

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