water softeners

water softeners

Kinetico industrial softened water systems for dishwashers

The water softening systems of the KINETICO USA company, with a unique patent in the world that allows the flow of soft treated water continuously and without interruption. The facility consists of two tanks filled with a strong cationic resin resin (manufactured by ROHM & HASS), one tank provides soft water and the other during a refresh and standby break.

The system does not consume electricity, or any other source of energy, hydraulic and works exclusively through water pressure and their kinetic energy. Reliable, accurate and economical in the consumption of salt and water for washing the resin ensures maximum efficiency in its operation and maintenance.
The system consists of plastic materials and stainless steels, is resistant to corrosion and does not require the tracking of an automatic Kentish controller.
Efficient, reliable and efficient for many years with zero failures.

The mechanism of action of the "KINETICO" water softening system

The system consists of 2 columns containing a strong cationic resin. The system is designed in a 2 X 100% structure so that each column provides the necessary consumption.

While one column is in operation, the other column is in stand-by mode. When one column reaches a saturation state, it goes into a refresh phase and at the same time the other column goes into a working state. In this way, the system guarantees continuous work (24/7).

For automatic kinetic control systems (with a hydraulic mechanism registered as a KINETICO patent) that controls the supply of water to consumers, refreshing, washing and changing between the columns according to the amount of water. An important advantage: there is no need to connect the system to electricity.

The refreshing process is by the "Counter current" method, in which the refreshing is carried out from the bottom of the softener upwards in a way that guarantees a more uniform refreshing while saving refreshing time and the amount of salt consumed (as well as the amount of salt poured into the drain).

The refreshing process is carried out using soft water in order to make the process more efficient. The softening system is supplied with a dedicated brine tank made by Kintico.

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